At a whopping 14 pounds she's a big girl! Betty is a cornish X chicken purposely bred to grow fast. She is the type of chicken that is found in the grocery store in packages. This breed is ready for slaughter at 6-8 weeks. That's only 2 months old!! They are also unable to fly because they are so big. Fortunately, she will never have to worry about that. Since they are bred for for rapid growth, they generally have health problems, and most do not live a long life due to health issues they can develop. To due their heavy weight they can develop leg issues that can result in them being unable to walk. Heat stress or breathing issues can be another problem due to their large size.  Another common health issue that can take their life sooner - is their heart. Big Betty is almost a house chicken as she has claimed her area at the back porch. She has a coop that she walks into at dusk, and gets locked up until morning. Betty will get to live her life out here at the sanctuary, just being a chicken! She is a love bug and wants to be near you. This girl is the most photogenic chicken I know and she brings a smile to my face every day. Love Big Betty!

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