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Meet Benny. He is the littlest of ALL of our goats. This little guy and his buddy somehow got out of their enclosure and got into trouble. Benny was hit by a car and left in the road!! His mom found him crying and unable to get up. She rushed him to the vet where they confirmed spinal damage. They weren't sure if the damage would interfere with his ability to poop and pee. Thankfully, he was able to do these things on his own. His mom worked so hard with him to try to get movement in his back legs, but it didn't work. His hind end was paralyzed from the accident. With nowhere else to turn, she reached out to us. We welcomed Benny into our family. He ended up needing surgery for a urinary rupture. This procedure called a marsupialization connects his bladder to his side and creates a hole where he will just urinate out of. He has no control over this, so it's a lot of changing wee wee pads, and diapers, and medications. ​Otherwise, he's a normal little guy. Loves to head butt Chester​, and holds his own with Rocky.

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