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With no known history on Baby Jane we can only speculate on her past. She was rescued at about 5 months old. She had overgrown hooves, was extremely under weight and terrified. We will never know her full story other than it most likely involved neglect and abuse. Rehabilitation for Jane in just getting her to trust us - or even get close to her was a long slow process. She did not trust anyone, but that will hopefully change with her new life. Her hooves were trimmed (which was not an easy task) and she was getting some good nourishment now. From Baby Jane being so underweight when she got to us, we did not realize that she was pregnant! By some miracle she gave birth to 2 healthy kids on Christmas Day morning! Maybe that's why she found her way to us? One thing is for sure, Jane will never know fear, hurt or be hungry again. She and her kids Star & Jasper have found their forever home, and will stay together forever. Jane is still a little shy, but she knows that we are here to love her.

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