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Asa  is a Nubian breed. We were contacted about a baby needing help, as he was walking on his bare bone! We reached out and did indeed find out that this baby was walking on exposed bone! We immediately put together transport to get him. When Asa arrived his legs were wrapped, but by our transport, not by the previous owner.


He had exposed bone on one leg and the other was about to fall off. He had been born with contracted front legs and they had tried to correct this by wrapping/splinting his legs. they ended up wrapping them way too tight. Resulting in the circulation being cut off and the lower legs dying and falling off. Since this guy was walking around, they just left him in that condition. Once he arrived here an immediate vet visit was done. Since he was allowed to just walk around with no front legs. He developed a bone infection. A debridement of the one leg to remove dead infected skin and the other leg had to have the dead bone surgically removed. Despite all this hurt and neglect that he's been through, he is the most loving lap goat ever!! It's taking a while for his little "stumps" to heal. After many months, and daily bandage changes is fully healed. Asa enjoys making everyone laugh with his daily antics. Our class clown of the Sanctuary.


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